Summer is only a few days. Meaning summer break is coming and school will be over. So I might not write much because I will be having fun. So if you are reading this just wanted to say get off the computer and get active. Chioa Bella(:

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Reading Log/Weird But True Tales/60-90


There is a story in one of the pages I read where there is something cool and weird! One day this women was visiting a place and she went to the beach. She found a ring that had a named carved in but she didn’t know this person. She called the college that’s name was on the ring but none of them said they had anyone from that name. So, she just kept it in her room not touching it or selling it to cash for gold. JK. Then when she and her son were in the living room she heard a thud in her room. When she came upon her room she found the window open and all her jewlery was taken. But the robber dropped the ring she found. One day while she was in her lawn in the backyard a hot air balloon came upon her backyard. This was the reason because the guy in it couldn’t see anything and didn’t know where to go and asked the lady if he could park his balloon. Then he told her his name and that was the name on her ring and she returned it to him and they got married.


  • That is really cool!
  • I know I didn’t say there names because I don’t want to repeat it.
  • I really enjoy reading this book, its pretty cool and I wish I had the time to read book like these.
  • My favorite types of books are drama, spy, weird and true tales.
  • I am only typing one of the stories I read or else the paragraph will become an essay. I think teachers should have books like these.
  • How did the theif get inside the lady’s bedroom?

Happy Birthday Father(:

I want to wish you a happy birthday because all you have done for me made me a better person. Everything you had done when I was little was the best because I love how we got to spend time with each other. I really miss that, but soon it will happen and we will have triple the fun. I love you so much and yea. Oh, Yay Brasil Wonn. GOAAAAALLLL!!

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June 15 Reading Log(:/Weird But True Tales/1-30


I’m going to tell you one story in the book becuase there is a-lot of details. First of all there was this man named Malik (names are changed to hide identity) who everytime while driving comes upon a purple car who’s license plate is CF8WRK4U. The driver was a maniac because the person drove so fast and once so fast in scratching real bad Malik’s car. Then one day Malik had enough of this car and decided to follow it. When he did he came upon a place that looked familiar. This place was his old house and when trying to find that car it was gone. He hears a voice calling help and the women is inside asking how to get out of her house (which used to be his). He tells her the trick in how to open the door. Then she ges out, because he helped her. Malik told her about what had happened and how fate led him to her to save her. Then she realized that CF8WRK4U means see how fate works for you.


  • I really like this book, if your wondering if this story isn’t true well it is. It’s for real true. (:
  • That is really cool how fate made Malik help the women. That’s prettyy crazy if you ask me. I haven’t experienced anything like it before but I bet it would be pretty cool.
  • Each chapter is a new story that tells about fate.
  • This book is about actually how fate works and coincidences. I really can’t wait to hear more, I love true and exciting, suspensful, cool stories like this. (:

June 10, 2010/Thursday/Reading Log/The Writing On The Wall/Pg. 150-180


Tess is on to something. She really isn’t sure what, but she can feel it in her gut, her instincts. She likes this boy named Damien and he is real good friends with her  enemy Richard. Richard doesn’t really like Tess and does anything to mess with Tess. Anything to ruin her life. The other day she found her hoodie all sticky and fruity because there was a spilled juice box. The only thing she could think of was Richard, of course. Though when she goes to talk with her friend who is new at the school she says he knows his game. Meaning she knows who and how he did this devious thing to Tess. She told her he didn’t do it, but practically he did. He sent the really nerdy skinny guy to put the juice in her hood in the hall where everything was busy, where everyone bumped into you so you couldn’t feel a thing, you couldn’t even feel the spill of a devious plan in your hoodie. Oh, yea! So, in math class she was talking to her crush Damien and telling himwhat she will write next on the church wall. And he said it is pretty cool and so Tess asked him if he could be the lookout.


  • Hmm… I am not really knowing anything right now about the mystery because the pages I read did not give me so many hints, I mean any.
  • Wow! That is really mean in what Richard did to Tess. Now her hoodie is all sticky. That wasn’t very cool either if a person did that to me I will get super mad. But not mad to hit the person.
  • That is really cool. The new girl is really smart to figure out the “smart” Richard’s plan. Tess is lucky to have a friend like that but I love my friends no matter what.!
  • I remember my first crush in kindergarten and I really liked him. I kept trying to introduce myself to him but he would walk away and in his none puberty voice, ” Do I know you”.Like a little chipmunk. Though now he has gone through the phase of “changing” and I stopped liking him the sam year. Aha, I catched on fast when I was younger.
  • Man, I want to finish the book. I am almost there. (:

Happy Birthday Brother(:

It was my brother’s birthday his week and I couldn’t call him because he’s half way around the world. No but he is on the other side of the U.S. I want to wish a happy birthday and I love you so much. Have a great day.

Your Sisterr(: Nickole(: Thankss for being the best brother I have ever had. Hope you will become really successful as a doctor. xoxo(: I love you.!

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Extending Days for the Right for Dogs (Persuasive) By: Nickole

Should dogs have extended days in the shelter or pound to have more time to find a nice and loving owner? In my opinion most definitely. The reason being forth is because some shelters only give dogs four days, which is really unfair. Dogs need more time then that to find a kind owner. They only get four days or they get sent to the kennel in the sky. Knowing that about four million dogs are put down a year is heart throbbing! These innocent creatures been sent to the shelter for many reasons: to ugly, disobedient, has rabies, a stroke, etc. Another important reason why dogs should have extended days in the shelter is because let them have a second chance in life; let them believe in hope like us two-legged humans. Let them live life until they are truly meant to die, not in the shelter. What do you think so far, especially those who work at shelters? How do you feel about this injustice act?

Like I said, I am on the side that dogs should have extended days in the shelter. To many dogs are put down a year and to many of us don’t care. People think it is no big deal especially those who train pit-bull to breed for money. The reason why I am specifically telling this to those type of people is because those puppies end up in the shelter. If they had four days they wouldn’t have no chance in life in being bought by a loving owner. They feel nothing at all. They don’t know what will exactly happen to the dogs because they choose money over a life God has formed. It is a shame what this world has brought . . . tragedy.

Now what are the bad things in extending the days for young poor or old dogs. If you look at the facts with reason you would understand that nothing good comes to it. The reason why workers euthanize (put to sleep in a painless way) dogs is to make room in their shelter for more and more new stray dogs. A bunch will come having no idea their fate. There are only two, and most likely they will die and end up in dog heaven. Another bad thing in doing this act is that dogs will be let go of their misery and be put to sleep forever. They will not suffer the waiting and despair. They will not have to suffer their past of being abandoned or abused. They won’t be scared of man no more. They will be free!

Just remember the thought that four million dogs are put down a year is too much! It should be at least four hundred dogs being put down. Pit-bulls having to die because it was used just for money, dogs being to “aggressive” (as in biting one person once). This struggle has gone to far and just because these dogs were not treated right and equally does not mean they can not have a second chance in finding hope. Hope will be their future if they have time. Time can only tell whether anyone can do what. Dogs need more time then four days to find the treasure and feeling of love.

What do you think? What side are you on? I am personally still on the side of having all shelters or pounds give dogs extended days to find a rightful owner. Everyone including small or big animals need hope and someone to love. Hearing the facts and the sides with reason and fairness what do you think? So, go help protest and go on and hop onto your bike and ride to your nearest shelter (not a pet shop) and go see the sadness in the dogs’ eyes. Once you see those eyes you’ll feel their pain, how they want love, how they want hope, how they want you to help them.

June 9, 2010 Wednesday Reading Log/ The Writing On The Wall/ Pg. 120-150


  A girl named Tess is on a huge mystery. She’s getting smarter and smarter by the minute and closer and closer in solving the mystery on the writing on the wall. On the wall there is a math equation that will tell who the murder is and who he will kill next. When she and her friends, Sam and Miranda, help her tag on the wall something extreme happens. The next day they go check out the church wall where the equaton stays and finds something disturbing. Miranda remembers seeig on the wall a sad crying flower so she drew a hose on top of the flower. Though now, there’s a knife cutting the hose. Sam and Miranda think it was a bad idea to do that the other day and prefer to stop. But Tess is not resting until she figures out the mystery of the writing on the wall.



  • Intense. That was kind of creepy when Miranda finds the flower all negative the next day.
  • How come finding out the mystery is so important. All she is trying to figure out is really who started the fire in the computer lab who could be the one who wrote the equation.
  • Tess is a huge fan of math and algebra, I’m not. The reason being is because I am not so good at it, though it also might be because I am not so focused and concentrated like I used to be.
  • Okay, the book is giving me hints about who started the fire. I think it is Richard. Richard is Tess’ enemy becuase Tess told the teacher he cheated on the History exam in the first book and all he wants is to plot revenge and take him off the witness list.
  • So, far I am really liking this book because I am really into mystery’s and love stories. Aha, I don’t know why but that’s what I love reading the most.(:
  • Oh, Miss Nichols if you are reading this the reason I wrote this late at night is because when it was four thirty I read then I finished at five but then I had to take a shower, then do my chores, then eat dinner, then I remembered I had to write this so yeah. Sorry if it was really late at night. /: